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Essay writing is one of the basic skills in any form of writing. An essay is seen as a logical flow of ideas that makes sense in regards to a specific topic. Universities, colleges and other tertiary institutions rely on the use of essays to evaluate the performance of students across a period.
In most times, students are bulked up with work, school and home chores. Essay writing thus becomes a cumbersome task that keeps them on their toes in a bid to secure good grades. At Bright Mind Essays, we offer guidance on essay writing thus making the experience worthwhile.
To some, writing an essay is just as easy and simple as sitting just next to their computers and typing. However, this is just for the lucky few who have had previous experience writing the essays. To the most, writing an essay is ceremonial and lots of planning goes to it to ensure quality.
Placing an Essay with Bright Mind Essays is easy and several steps are followed in the process.

Choose a topic
This is the most crucial stage in the essay writing process. While in most cases the topic is provided for by the professor, in other times, the choice is personal. Needless to say, regardless of the source, there is need to make a choice on the scope of the topic, whether general or specific. In most cases, the more specific is the topic the more the ease of writing due to a concentrated scope of ideas.
Prepare an outline
Organizing ones thought upon deciding the topic is the next critical stage. An outline breaks down the essay into sections and defines the components of each of the sections. In writing the outline, the topic is placed at the top of the page and all supporting ideas are listed just below it. Consequently, under each major idea, points are listed to explain the main idea. This allows one to see connections between ideas hence resulting in production of a more organized essay.
Define the thesis statement
Ones the brain storming process is over, choosing the thesis statement becomes easier. Thesis statement states the topic of the essay in a more understandable way. In most cases, the thesis statement must appear in the introductory paragraph and often has two parts. In the initial part, the topic is mentioned, while in the latter, the point of the essay is stated.
The Body
The body is part of the entire essay that seeks to describe the topic and provide insights that answers the topic question. Each body paragraph should carry a single original idea, which is defined by the topic sentence. The topic sentence in each body paragraph is then followed by logical arguments that support its claim. Moreover, it is critical to ensure that the topic sentence related back directly to the thesis statement and the topic of the essay.
Write the introduction
Having written the essay and understood better what it was all about, you can now embark in writing the introduction. The introduction captures the reader’s attention while at the same time introducing the topic of the essay. Furthermore, the introduction provides general insights in regard to the topic chosen. The thesis statement is also stated categorically, as a claim in this section. In most cases, introductions should have an attention grabber. For instance, a summary of the topic, a story, a dialogue or any form of writing that attracts the attention of the reader immensely.
Writing the conclusion
The conclusion summarizes the major ideas of the essay. Besides, it restates the thesis while at the same time; it sums up major ideas that support the topic and thesis. In most cases, conclusions can have a person opinion in regards to the topic.
Editing and proofreading
In most cases, people think that writing the conclusion concludes the process. This is wrong! An essay is only complete ones you have edited all the contents from top to bottom. Essays with grammatical mistakes often results in poor grades and poor reception by the reader. In this light, it is paramount to ensure that upon conclusion of the writing process, you go through the paper and edit all areas that are grammatically wrong, don’t sense or failure to support the thesis.
In this case, the structure of the paper should be followed. Ensure paragraphing is correctly done. References and citations are clearly indicated where necessary and all paragraphs makes sense. Only then, is essay writing process considered to be complete!

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